High-precision hot forging technology that meets the demand of professionals.
Nakano Forging Group has entered a new age!

Approximately 6000 years ago, long before writing was invented, forging techniques were born in Mesopotamia. Long used as components in social infrastructures, industrial equipment, and household appliances, forged products have advanced in sync with the innovation of manufactured goods. More than 20 years ago, our company, Nakano Forging Co., Ltd. established its first production line using an integrated hot forging production system. Since the beginning, our technology has always evolved to meet the needs of the times. Skilled craftsmanship, advanced machinery from Europe, and in-house production of high precision metal dies, these are the qualities that have kept Nakano Forging Group a leader in our field. Our precision technology has advanced to such a level that we are capable of producing forged products with die alignment deviation of less than or equal to 0.05 mm. As more robotic automations are implemented in cutting-edge factories, the further pursuit of high precision technology and productivity enhancement technology has become critical. As the only company that satisfies our customers’ needs for precision work, fast product delivery, and a wide variety of small lots, we offer solutions to the precise high-level demands of today's customers with our technology.